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Networking and Advocacy

Being an association of more than 300 NGOs in the State of Maharashtra, promoted issue based state and regional level networks of NGOS and advocating pro poor policies.

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Capacity Building

More than 63,000 participants have been trained in the areas of Organisational development of NGOs. Watershed Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Livelihood Development and Community Institution Building.

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Rural Livelihoods

Supported more than 30,000 Rural Poor households for developing and managing their livelihoods through Institutional capacity building, promoting sustainable agriculture, skill development.

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Natural Resource Management

Actively engaged in planning, capacity building, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Participatory Watershed &, Irrigation Management and Rural Water Supply programmes.

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Providing services for Project planning, Monitoring, Evaluations, Baseline and impact studies and Thematic studies to International Agencies, National and State Governments, CSRs and NGOs in the areas of Rural Development.

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An Association of Civil Society Organizations engaged in the field of Rural Development in Maharashtra State in India

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AFARM is accredited by Credibility Alliance under Desirable Norms


Documentary films for Developmental Education for interested Stakeholders.