Current Project Outreach

Geographical Outreach

Presently, AFARM is implementing various programs through 33 partner organizations in 658 villages of 155 blocks from 24 districts of Maharashtra. Project wise geographical outreach is depicted below:

CBOs Promoted

During last Five Years, 1397 Community Based organizations (CBOs) are promoted, nurtured & capacitated in AFARM lead development initiatives. Type of CBOs & its nos are as below.

  • SHGs : Group of 15 to 20 members (Mainly Women) engaged in money saving &providing credit to its members & accessing micro finance from bank for Income generation activities.
  • APGs/ FIGs : Commodity based group of 20 to 30 producers having common needs. Interest, problems, activities.
  • WUA : Association of water users of a irrigation project, engaged in Irrigation development & management.
  • JLGs : It is a mutual guarantee group for bank/MFI credit comprising 5 to 10 members in a group.
  • VDCs : Constituted by the GramSabha/ Village Council at each village for planning & implementation of village development plans. Membership is in the range of 9 to 13 , depending on the size of the village.
  • SVMs : It is Farmers Science Club operational at village level primarily engaged in sustainable agriculture development, leveraging govt. funds & developing linkages with various resource agencies.
  • KSK : Farmers organization engaged channelizing the supply of quality agri. Inputs, Agri. Implements & extension services at reasonable price to farmers.
  • SMS : Apex body of Women Self Help Groups at village level for coordination of initiatives of socio economic development of women.
  • FPOs : Apex body of producers operating at cluster of villages, providing services to its members in the areas of Production, procurement, Primary processing, handling, Marketing, selling, of commodities, Rendering technical services, insurance, mutual assistance, for benefit of their members.