Thrust Areas

Over the 49 years of journey of AFARM in Rural Development, the thrust areas have been undergone substantial changes as per the need of the time.

The current thrust of AFARM are:

  • Networking & Advocacy
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Rural Livelihoods Promotion
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Consultancy Services
  • Disaster relief and Rehabilitation

Disaster relief and Rehabilitation

AFARM has played significant role in the Disaster Relief, Rehabilitation & Development activities not only in the State of Maharashtra but also in the other states of the country. In cyclones of Andhra Pradesh, Flooding of river Movad in Nagpur district, Earthquake in Latur & Osmanabad districts of the state and in Gujarat, disaster relief to tribal families who lost their dear ones in chemical blast in Thane district, compensation to the families of 2 activist, who lost their life's in accident, cattle camps in droughts & Tsunamis are the right examples of AFARM's involvement in disaster Relief, Rehabilitation & Development work.

Trauma counseling to the victims was one of the activities, very essential for the people to come out of the disasters was initiated by AFARM in the Latur & Osmanabad districts of the state with the technical assistance of MIMH, Pune.

AFARM played a vital role in regenerating the livelihood sources of the habitants who were victims of the disasters. In most of the disasters, the scale of losses in the agriculture sector was major therefore; AFARM played a crucial role in regeneration & renewal of agriculture after the floods, earthquakes, cyclones & tsunami.

The agricultural extension & development services reassured the confidence of the victimized in agriculture & availed them an opportunity to earn their living once again