Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra

50 Years of Advancement in Rural Development

Some of the prominent Community Institutions

Producer Groups

The producer group is a group of women & menwho have common livelihoods activity either on-farm, off-farm or non-farm, organisedfor collectivization and accessing technology, inputs, finance and marketing of their produce.

These PGs are capacitated and nurtured through training, exposure, technical handholding and market linkages to ensure their institutional and financial sustainability. Members of the PGs are provided with the information of the available government schemes and the process of preparation of the convergence plans These PGs are mainly engaged in accessing Government Resources, collective procurement of Agriculture inputs and marketing of produce, Management of Custom hiring centres, Poultry Mother Unit, Dalmil and sugarcane nursery.

Water User Group

Water Users Groups (WUA) having representation of all farmers are formed in the operational area of water harvesting structures. AFARM has facilitated formation of WUGs and trained WUA members on role and responsibility of WUA, Contribution Strategy and Water Budging etc.

These WUGs are engaged in

  • i) Planning and implementation of the project interventions
  • ii) Contributing the agreed user’s share for creation of community as well as individual assets
  • iii) Crop planning and adoption of efficient water management practices
  • iv) Raising user charges for operation and maintenance of the community water structures
  • v) Resolve conflicts within WUGs.
  • vi) Approval of work completion report in water user group and Village development community meeting provided all detailed information regarding physical and financial work done and contribution used for said work

Village Development Committee

Village Development Committees (VDC) are constituted as an executive arm and subcommittee of Gram Panchayat. These VDCs are imparted training for Project management as these committees are equally responsible for smooth and transparent functioning of the project

The functions performed by VDCs includes:

  • i) Planning and review of the project implementation
  • ii) Provide updates to Gram Sabha/GP about status of project implementation
  • iii) Ensure mandatory contribution from the WUGs
  • iv) Conflict resolution
  • v) Setting the policy, rules and regulations for post project management and also surveillance of its implementation.