Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra

50 Years of Advancement in Rural Development

Services Provided by CRPs

AFARM has been always at the forefront in developing Community Cadre depending on the thematic focus of the project in order to ensure post project sustainability of the project and to promote back stopping mechanism. Recent years AFARM has developed about 1000 community cadre to provide various services to the Community Institutions and Community at large, depending on the thematic focus of the projects. Overall 1,48,000 HHsfrom the project villageshave availed the services of the CRPs.

Sr.No. Type of Community Cadre Number No. of HHs served Services provided
1 Silai Teacher 330 31,000 Tailoring Skills Imparted
2 Digital Sakhi 200 60,069
  • Digital Financial Literacy
  • Financial Inclusion through Government Entitlements
3 PreranaSakhi 50 8,000
  • Community mobilisation
  • Extension services for Sustainable agriculture, Veterinary services
  • Digital Financial Literacy
  • Convergence with Government schemes, Bank linkages
  • Hand holding support to Village Organisation (VO)
4 Krushisakhi 157 30433
  • Extension Services for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Facilitation for Collective Procurement of Agriculture inputs
  • Convergence with Government Schemes
5 Krushidoot 110 6013
  • Disseminating information & knowledge to farmers on modern agriculture practices, soil health & climate resilient agriculture practices.
6 Pashusakhi 60 6415
7 Parivartak 8 1385 Dissemination of information regarding, Sustainable Agriculture, Livelihoods. Handholding support
8 Champion Farmer 10 1400
  • Dissemination of information about Climate resilient technology
  • Seed Variety and treatment
9 Jalmitra 47 2678
  • Assist village level CBOs in their functioning & its documentation.
  • Follow up with farmers for ensuring adoption of promoted technologies & practices with respect to efficient water management & farm production system.`
10 Lead Famers 10 1400
  • Adoption of Agriculture Technology and dissemination of knowledge and technology
982 148,793