Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra

50 Years of Advancement in Rural Development

Organisational Strategy 2020-30

In 2019, AFARM has completed its Golden Jubilee journey of advancement in Rural Development in the State of Maharashtra. During this journey, AFARM has adopted the policy of taking decadal review of strategies & associated organizational growth & planning strategies for the next decade. During the year 2020-21, AFARM has prepared strategic plan for the next decade i.e. 2020-30.

In next decade, focus will be on following Core Programmes …

Goal – To ensure Livelihoods enhancement of rural households by adopting cluster development strategy with focus on Small & Marginal farmers, Tribal & Women farmers.

It will be achieved through integrated implementation of following interventions.

Watershed Development and Management – Ridge to Valley approach for soil & water conservation along with biodiversity preservation. Strategic shift from water supply augmentation to water demand management for achieving water security for all. Focus will be given on water literacy and water governance for effective demand management.

Climate Resilient Agriculture – Capacity building of rain-fed marginal famers through integrated training and extension programmes, include guidance on i) Causes and Effects of Climate change, ii) Short term and long term climate adaptability & mitigation measures to reduce the vulnerability to erratic rainfall, unseasonal rains, hailstorms, droughts, high intensity rains etc.

Sustainable Agriculture - Capacity building of small & marginal famers in field of sustainable agriculture through integrated training and extension programmes, with focus on i) increasing scientific rigor in Low External Inputs Sustainable Agriculture Practices, ii) conservation & usage of indigenous seeds, iii) Soil Health improvement, iv) Integrated pest management, v)proliferation of locally produced low cost pest controllers, vi) on farm water management etc.

Strengthening of Integrated Agriculture System – Promotion & integration of small scale agri & livestock based micro enterprises like, poultry, goatry, dairy, fisheries, horticulture, floriculture, vegetable production.

Post-Harvest Management - Capacity Building of Small Farmers in Primary Processing (Sorting, Grading, Storage, Packaging).

Agri-entrepreneurship Development through farmer co-operative societies / farmer producer companies – Group Farming, Food & Fruits processing, collective marketing / market linkages - disaggregation of agri. Inputs & aggregation of farm produce, provision of various services to small farmers, partnerships & networking with government departments, private institutions, KVKs etc.

Strengthening of Gram Panchayat and Gramsabhas for ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conservation & its management.

Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran -Women empowerment through skill development, knowledge building, leadership development so as to increase the their participation in agricultural decision making process both at households & institution / community level .

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