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Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra

50 Years of Advancement in Rural Development


AFARM has played significant role in the Disaster Relief, Rehabilitation & Development activities not only in the State of Maharashtra but also in the other states of the country. AFARM in association with its network members have provided humanitarian assistance to victims of natural disasters as follow.

  Emergency relief assistance in cyclones of Andra pradesh.

  Emergency relief assistance to Flood affected persons in Movad in Nagpur district.

  Relief & rehabilitation interventions in Latur & Osmanabad districts in Maharashtra during Latur Earthquake.

  Relief & rehabilitation interventions during Gujarat earthquake.

  Emergency relief assistance to tribal families who lost their dear ones in chemical blast in Thane district.

  Cattle camps in droughts & Tsunamis.

  Temporary shelters to Hailstorm affected families from Osmanabad district

  Emergency relief to Flood affected families & f Livelihoods restoration assistance in Sangli & Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra.

Trauma counseling to the victims was one of the activities, very essential for the people to come out of the disasters was initiated by AFARM in the Latur & Osmanabad districts of the state with the technical assistance of MIMH, Pune.

AFARM played a vital role in regenerating the livelihood sources of the habitants who were victims of the disasters. In most of the disasters the scale of losses in the agriculture sector was major therefore AFARM played a crucial role in regeneration & renewal of agriculture after the floods, earthquakes, cyclones & tsunami.

The agricultural extension & development services reassured the confidence of the victimized in agriculture & availed them an opportunity to earn their living once again

AFARM in coordination with its local NGO members and local government officials and elected representatives assessed the flood situation. It also deputed some of its staff to collect firsthand information through household survey in the worst affected Sangli and Kolhapur districts and identified most needy 100 households especially in the low laying and socially excluded areas who are generally neglected due to their poor bargaining capacity.

In response to their immediate relief needs, AFARM distributed food grain kits to help them survive for at least 15 to 20 days (depending on family size). Along with food grains, AFARM also distributed trampoline sheets, battery cum mobile charges, bedding material, buckets and mugs, mediclore kit to purify water, etc. to help them withstand till situation improves. Some of the daily consumption needs such as tooth pest, bath and toilet soaps, washing soaps and other cosmetics. The relief work was undertaken in Bhilwadi, Taluk Palus (Sangli) on 20th August 2019 (amongst 50 households) and Akiwat Taluka Shirol (Kolhapur) amongst 50 HHs) on 21st August 2019.

AFARM has recently implemented a programme for Restoration of rural livelihoods and occupations in flood affected Sangli district of Western Maharashtra benefitting 100 Families. This initiative was funded by Atlas Copco

Due to hailstorm and unseasonal rainfall occurred in February & March 2014, Rabbi Crops, Horticulture, Livestock along with Human beings have been severely affected in many parts of Maharashtra. In view of this, Maharashtra Government has announced special relief package for hailstorm affected families. Various Voluntary organisations also have organized relief work in these regions.

IBN Lokmat, a News Channel of electronic media initiated fund raising campaign to mobilise funds for Voluntary Agencies to undertake relief work. It identified AFARM as most credible and reliable organization in Maharashtra to route aid to hailstorm affected people. AFARM, also appealed various organisations & individuals to generously donate / contribute for the cause. It has raised funds of Rs. 3,30,000/ -.

With support of associate organizations namely, AFARM conducted survey of most affected villages in Lohara and Tulajapur block of Osmanabd district and identified most affected but neglected village & families by government relief operation. Thus AFARM could able to reach-out to 75 most affected households from Bhatambri village of Tuljapur and a village of Osmanabad District for repairing work of devastated houses.