Watershed Management

Project Planning

AFARM had prepared more than 60 Integrated Watershed development (WSD) action plans for NGOs & Government Organizations covering about 40, 000 ha geographical area of 135 villages/ GPs. The estimated cost of development of these watershed area was amounting to Rs. 40.89 Crore ( 408.90 Million Rs.). These projects were financially supported by KFW Germany- NABARD, CAPART, Govt. of Maharashtra ( Jalsandharan, Adarsh Gaon Yojana, Vasundhara- State Level Nodal Agency), European Union through Christian Aid U.K. Corporate Agencies & Foreign Funding Agencies.

Sr No Name of programme No of Projects / Clusters No of Villages / GPs Total area of watershed (Ha) Value of Project Rs in Lakhs Period Client
1 Christian Aid Watershed Development Programme 16 16 3466 152.90 1992-96 Christian Aid, UK
2 Participatory Watershed Development Programme 12 14 4847 309.35 1996-2000 Christian Aid, UK
3. Eco Village Development Programme 4 4 375 51.19 1994-2000 State Govt.
4. Water Conservation 2 2 1404 71.28 1994-2000 State Govt.
5. Draught Prone Area Development Programme 2 2 399 39.44 1994-2000 State Govt.
6. Council for Peoples Action & Rural Technology( CAPART) 2 2 1286 65.04 1994-2000 NGOs
7. Other watershed Development Projects 6 6 204 23.49 1994-2000 State Govt.
8. Land Based Livelihood Security Programme For Dalits & Tribals In Maharashtra 11 11 288 121.91 2004-07 AWO International Germany
9. Reducing Vulnerabilities of the Rural Community from the distress districts of Vidharbha Region 4 20 1000 187.10 2008- ongoing AWO International, Germany
10 NABARD Holistic Watershed Development Programme 2 9 5490.06 516.63 2010-11 NABARD, Pune
11 Integrated Watershed Development Programme 4 19 17945.00 2153.40 2010-11 Agri. Dept, Pune
12 Convergence of Agriculture Innovations in Maharashtra 1 19 5000 .00 10.82 2011-12 IFAD/ GoM
  -- 124 135 36704.06 3702.55 --  

Project Implementation

Over the years, AFARM has facilitated / undertaken implementation of watershed projects on 13,800 ha area covering 39 villages benefiting 4,473 rural poor households. An amount of Rs.9.78 crore (97.80 Milion Rs.) has been spent for enhancing the livelihoods resource base of dependent communities of these villages. These projects were financed by National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) & European Union though Christian Aid, UK.

Training & Capacity Building Organization

AFARMs contribution to watershed development is recognized at State & National level. As a result State as well as National (Central) Govt. selected AFARM as training resource organization for building the capacities of various stakeholders ranging from villagers to Govt. officials under its various flagship / prominent programs. Some of these recognitions are as follows

  • State Resource Organization for Agriculture development & Management under Integrated Watershed Management Program of Govt. of India ( 2010-Continued)
  • District Resource Organization for Integrated Watershed Management Program of Govt. of India ( 2010- Continued)
  • Support Training Institute for Hariyali Projects aided by Govt. of India ( 2007-20130
  • Mother NGO for Watershed Projects under DPAP, IWDP, NWDPRA aided by Govt. of India(2001-2006)
  • Support Voluntary Organization and Training Unit for CAPART Watershed Program ( 1997-2003)
  • Training Agency for Community Based Participatory Watershed Development Program ( 1996-2000)
  • Capacity Building of Small NGOs in Watershed Development Program ( 1992-1996)

Over the years, AFARM has built the capacities of 20,579 participants through 3 days to 3 months duration trainings on watershed development followed by handholding support by AFARM team.

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Project Monitoring

  • 2012-13 : In the Year 2001, AFARM was selected as District Level Monitoring Agency (DLM Agency) by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), GoI for Monitoring of various rural development programs/schemes of MoRD including Watershed Development programme viz. DPAP, IWDP & Hariyali.
  • 2001-2006 : In the Year 2001, AFARM was selected as District Level Monitoring Agency (DLM Agency) by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), GoI for Monitoring of various rural development programs/schemes of MoRD including Watershed Development programme viz. DPAP, IWDP & Hariyali. DLM work was continued till 2006. Over the period AFARM conducted concurrent monitoring of Watershed programs implemented by line department of State Govt & NGOs in 14 districts of Maharashtra State. The districts covered were Yavatmal, Akola, Amaravati, Bhandara, Buldhana, Chandrapur, Hingoli, Gadchiroli, Gondia, Kolhapur, Nandurbar, Raigad, Ahemadnagar & Pune. The monitoring work was done in these districts at least for one year period.
  • 2002-2006: As Mother NGO, AFARM has provided field support & Monitored the implementation of DPAP & IWDP projects of NGOs as well as Govt. PIAs in Satara & Sangali districts of Maharashtra State.
  • 1993-2000 : AFARM has undertaken concurrent Monitoring of 28 micro watershed development implemented by 28 NGOs in Maharashtra. The project was supported by E.U. through Christian Aid U.K.

Project Evaluations

AFARM was entrusted with the responsibility of conducting midterm as well as final evaluation of watershed projects financially supported by State & Central Government. Some of the major projects evaluated so far are

  • Mid -Term Evaluation of "Ideal Village Development Program" of Government of Maharashtra, implemented in about 300 villages of Maharashtra. The physical verification of (sample) 48 villages was done.
  • Concurrent evaluation of National Watershed Development Program for Rain fed Area (NWDPRA) implemented by Dept. of Soil Conservation & Watershed Management, GoM in Gadchiroli district with financial support from Department of Agriculture, GoI.
  • Special Evaluation of Centrally Aided Drought Prone Area Development Program,( as per 1995 guidelines) implemented by Government and NGO PIAs in Dhule and Nandurbar districts of Maharashtra State. This work was done for department of Water Conservation, Government of Maharashtra.
  • Mid Term Evaluation of Participatory Watershed Development Program implemented by 12 NGOs in Maharashtra , supported by Christain aid, UK.
  • Mid Term & Final Evaluation of CAPART supported 38 Watershed Development Programs in Maharashtra.
  • Conducted Mid Term Evaluation of 332 DPAP & IWDP projects (of 2001 guidelines) in Satara, Sangali& Nasik Districts of Maharashtra state.