Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra

50 Years of Advancement in Rural Development

Network Promoted

Networking beinga spirit of Organization, promoted issue based State and Regional level networks of NGOS advocating pro poor policies and ensuring its effective implementation. AFARM through its networking of NGOs across Maharashtra works as a powerful forum of NGOs.

AFARM has promoted & hosted forums working for common cause. The forums have provided an opportunity to its members to share & learn from each other’s experiences as well as built pressure group on identified issues. Such forums evolved its own guiding principles & protocols for its own functioning. The members of the forum identified certain priority issues, which needed concentration on both skill training & vision building. The common program tied the members in one string, which resulted in building up solidarity among them. Following are the some of the important forums promoted & hosted by AFARM.

Forum of Organic Cultivators

AFARM took up the program of instituting of the models and demonstrations with regard to organic farming at Marathwada Regional Center campus for the Farmers, Activist, Agronomist, VOs etc. The VO’s who desired to undertake the organic farming promotional activities started associating to the center as there was capacity building program accompanied.

With the initiative & support of AFARM, the Forum of Organic Cultivators from Marathwada region emerged in the year 2004. In all 220 individuals & organizations were joined the forum. Since 2004, every forth Sunday, the monthly meeting of forum took place. These meeting always followed by lectures / orientation by experts on various aspects of organic farming as per the common interest of the forum members. This forum was exist till the financial year 2010-11.

Maharashtra PanlotMahasangh

The NGOs engaged in implementation of Government sponsored Watershed development programs in Maharashtra state have come together & formed an apex institution namely PanlotMahasangh in the year 2003-04. AFARM has provided all requisite support to this forum including hosting the secretariat of Mahasangh. Under the leadership of AFARM Chairman, this Mahasangh worked as interface between NGOs & Government to streamline implementation of Watershed project in the state.

AFARM is a member of following recognized National Organizations.

  • 1. VIBHA VANI, New Delhi :

    An association of NBOs in India to form the largest people’s movement of science oriented social organisations and institutions for nation building by engaging science and technology interventions to the benefit of masses. AFARM is one of the National Coordination Committee Member of VIBHA VANI.

  • 2. Voluntary Agency Network India (VANI),New Delhi :

    An Apex body of Voluntary Development Organisations working for strengthening of Voluntary Organizations in the country. It Works towards building a society where voluntarism and voluntary organisations play dominant and constructive role in social cohesion, economic empowerment and national building. AFARM Chairperson served as member on the Executive Board of the VANI.

  • 3. Creditability Alliance (CA), New Delhi :

    Credibility Alliance is a consortium of Voluntary Organizations (VOs) committed towards enhancing Accountability and Transparency in the Voluntary Sector through good Governance. As an Organization, CA aspires to build trust among all stakeholders through improving Governance and accountable practices within the Voluntary Sector. AFARM has been accredited by Credibility Alliancefor compliance against desirable norms of Good Governance Practices.

  • 4. Confederation of NGOs in Rural India (CNRI), New Delhi :

    It is national organization with State & district chapters nationwide. Since its inception of CNRI, Maharashtra chapter was jointly hosted AFARM & VANRAI organization. Most of the AFARM senior members were the district presidents of CNRI. In the initial period the secretariat of CNRI Maharashtra Chapter was hosted by AFARM & facilitated the functions of CNRI in the state.

Over fivedecades of engagement of AFARM in the development field, enabled AFARM to contribute to the design, development & implementation of various rural development programs supported by State & Central Govt. as well as external agencies . AFARM is recognized as Resource Agency and MELD Agency by State and Central Government for People Centered Agriculture, Watershed & Rural livelihoods Development Programs. The prominent credentials of AFARM in this respect are summarized below.

Sr. No Recognition Program Recognized by Recognized
1 Monitoring Evaluation Learning and Documentation Agency Integrated Watershed Management Programme VWDA, Dept of Jalsandharan,GoM 2013
2 Resource Agency for Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture & Producer Organisations Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission, UMED Department of Rural Development, State Govt. of Maharashtra 2015
3 Livelihoods Resource Agency Integrated Watershed Management Programme Vasundhara Watershed Development Agency, GoM 2015
4 Resource Organization Integrated Watershed Management Program Rajiv Gandhi Mission for Watershed Management - Department of Rural Development, State Govt. of MP 2014
5 External Monitoring & Evaluation Agency Maharashtra Agriculture Competitiveness Project ( World Bank funded ) Rajiv Gandhi Mission for Watershed Management - Department of Rural Development, State Govt. of Project Coordination Unit, Dept. of Agriculture & Marketing , GoM 2012
6 National Level Monitoring Agency Rural Development Ministry of Rural Development, GoI 2011
7 Livelihoods Resource Agency Tejaswini-Maharashtra Rural Women Empowerment Program (IFAD Funded) Ministry of Rural Development, GoIMahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal, Dept. of Women & Child Development , GoM 2011
8 Resource Organization Promotion of Farmers Producer Organizations under National Pulses Development & Vegetable Initiative Scheme Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium ( SFAC), Dept of Agriculture & Cooperation , GoI 2011
9 Resource NGO Convergence of Agricultural Interventions In Maharashtra (CAIM) IFAD Funded MSAMB, Dept. of Cooperation & Marketing , GoM 2010
10 State Resource Organization-Agriculture Centrally Aided Integrated Watershed Management Program SLNA, Dept. of Jalsandharan, GoM 2010
11 APEX NGO Development of Water Users Associations under Maharashtra Minor Irrigation Program ( KFW Funded) Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation (LS) RDWCD, GoM. 2009
12 NGO Consultant Capacity Building of WUAs under Maharashtra Water Sector Improvement Project ( World Bank funded ) Department of Water Resources, GoM 2009
13 Service Provider Promotion of organic farming & Certification National Centre for Organic Farming, Dept. of Agriculture,GoI 2007
14 Supporting Training Agency Centrally Aided Hariyali Watershed Development Program Department of Water Conservation, GoM. 2007
15 Evaluation Agency Centrally aided Watershed Development Programs( DPAP, IWDP, Hariyali) Department of Water Conservation, GoM. 2006
16 Training Provider Participatory Agriculture Development Program within MIP-M funded by KFW. Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation (LS) RDWCD, GoM. 2005
17 District Capacity Building Agency Jalswarajya – Rural Water Supply &SanitationProgram funded by World Bank. Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Dept. GoM 2004
18 Support Organization Community based Aquifer Management Pilot Project funded by World Bank. Dept of Water Supply & Sanitation. GoM. 2005
19 Mitra Va Margadarshika Sanstha Organic Farming Promotion Dept. of Agriculture, GoM. 2004
20 PRI Training Institute Implementation of State Action Plan for PRI Trainings YASHADA, Dept. of Rural Development, GoM 2004
21 District Level Monitoring Agency Regular Monitoring of Rural Development Programs Monitoring Division, Ministry of Rural Development , GOI 2002

The central as well as state Govt invited AFARM to represent NGO sector on various Govt. Committees forming policies at state level and monitoring, implementation of various projects in Water & Agriculture sector at district level, and worked for the welfare of program objectives. As a committee member AFARM contributed in designing program policies & frameworks.

Some of the representations in such committees are,
  • Chief Minister's Advisory Committee for programs of Departments like Social Forestry, Water Conservation, Forest and Minor Irrigation.

  • State Level Monitoring and Co-coordinating Committee of DPAP Program of State.

  • State Steering Committee for World Bank and DFID supported Drinking Water Sanitation & Health Education Program

  • Task Force Committee for World Bank Supported Village Eco-Development Program, GOM.

  • State Steering Committee for National Watershed Development Fund (NWDF) of NABARD.

  • Chairperson, Training Sub-Committee for CAPART Watershed Development Program

  • Sub-Committee for preparation of revised Operational Guidelines of Ideal Village Program of GOM.

  • National Standing Committee for CAPART Watershed Development Program

  • Study group on VOs participation on Govt. programs for 9th Planning Board of State.

  • National Rainfed Area Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India.

  • CAPART Regional Committee, West Zone

  • Maharashtra State Jalsandharan Parishad, Department of Jalsandharan, GoM.