Maharashtra NGOs’ Forum


Membership Scenario

AFARM through its networking of NGOs across Maharashtra works as a powerful forum of NGOs and includes more than 300 organisations, with 86 organizations as institutional members and 244 as associates. To associate with AFARM forum, interested NGOs from the state of Maharashtra may send its application to AFARM. Down load Application form for Association with AFARM.

The substantial numbers of AFARM member organizations are actively engaged in the field of rural livelihood initiatives including Community based Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Women Empowerment, Skill Development, Health, Education, Human Rights, Drinking Water & Sanitation, etc. Expert services are readily available under one roof through this networking of NGOs.

As a forum of NGOs, AFARM uses its resources and expertise for their programs & some of them have partnered with AFARM previously in various network-based projects. Wherever found suitable, the services of such AFARM member organizations are also being utilized by AFARM for the attainment of organizational objectives


AFARM is a member of following recognized national organizations.

  • Creditability Alliance(CA), New Delhi,
  • Confederation of NGOs in Rural India (CNRI), New Delhi,
  • Voluntary Agency Network India (VANI),New Delhi,
  • Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development,

AFARM is actively contributing its experience and learning to strengthen these networks.