Resource Center

The AFARM library cum resource centre has a collection of over 5000 reference books, periodicals, audio visuals and poster series which are available as reference/study material for NGOs, groups, Government social workers, students and researchers.

Based on experience and learning's gained over for more than 44 years, AFARM has developed user-friendly manuals, booklets, handbooks, video films and posters in local language for capacity building of various interested stakeholders. This includes 27 publications, 7 audio-video sets and six sets of posters as listed below.

Manuals/ Books

Audio Visuals- VCDs

Flex Poster Series(each poster size is 2' x 3')

In addition to above, AFARM also produced Training Material in local dialect for the benefit of farmer group on various aspects of Sustainable Farm Production Systems. All the resource material (Poster series, VCDs, Manuals) prepared by AFARM is being widely used by various Government & Non Govt. agencies and CBOs and is appreciated at all levels.