Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra

50 Years of Advancement in Rural Development

Approach & Strategy

AFARM is engaged in formation & nurturing of Water users associations in the canal command area of irrigation projects to ensure irrigation system management by the farmers themselves. Being a resource organisations, AFARM assisted farmers Water Users Associations during formation & strengthening so that these Water Users Associations can play very active role in and during the design, construction, operation & maintenance of irrigation infrastructure.

The services provided by AFARM largely included following

(i) Facilitation for completion of irrigation systems.

(ii) Training on administrative and financial management, operation & maintenance of irrigation systems.

(iii) Educating and facilitating WUAs in understanding and performing their roles and responsibilities in the irrigation system management.

(iv) Facilitating interaction between all levels of WUAs and with competent authority.

(v) Performance monitoring of WUAs and its reporting.