Market Linkages

To ensure remunerative pricing to the products of small & marginalized producers & control their exploitation in the marketing chain/ system, AFARM is facilitating market linkages with Private players, Market aggregators, Wholesalers, dealers avoiding middlemen. Some of the market linkages are as follows.

Details of Market Linkages formed in Field programmes undertaken by AFARM for Rural Livelihoods.

Sr. No Product No of producers  Linked with
Tejaswini-Maharashtra Rural Women Empowerment Program
1 Dairy 253 Anant Dairy, Katraj Dairy
2 Milk Products (Paneer) 9 Maharaja Hotel, Phaltan
3 Cattle Feeds 253 Tangade Udyog Samuha
4 Poultry 200 Vimal Corporation, Venkys India Ltd., Nanda Group of Companies
5 Food Products 30 Ram Masala, Ajinkya Bazaar,
Apala Bazaar, Shirala
6 Machinery Equipments 21 Power jet Equipments
Reducing Vulnerabilities of the Rural Community from the distress districts of Vidharbha Region
1 Soyabean 119 Choupal Sagar Yavatmal
2 Cotton CCI Unit Mozari, Vinayak Kotek Maregaon,
3 Pulses Private Dal mill
4 Poultry Private Hatcheries
Market Linked Sustainable Development of Agriculture  focusing on LEISA Techniques through Convergence of Agriculture Interventions
1 Milk 176 Yashodhara Dairy ,Amrawati
2 Goat 70 Local Market, Amrawati
3 Cotton 21 Pragati Ginning Mills, Tivasa
4 Vegetable 36 Vegetable Selling unit – Chandur Railway
5 Soyabean 26 APMC, Chandur Railway
Promotion of Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs) 
1 Black gram 50 NAFED
2 Agri. Inputs for Bengal Gram/Pigeon pea 900 Tata Rallies/ Agriculture
Department, GoM
3 Pigeon Pea/ Black Gram / Green Gram 80 Procurement centers by National Spot Exchange,