Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra

50 Years of Advancement in Rural Development

Current Program Outreach

A total of 22,501 Households from 391 villages of 40 blocks from 14 districts are directly impacted through the variety of projects implemented by AFARM through its 74 project partner NGOs. In addition, 80,077 Households have benefitted from training & capacity building interventions.

Community Institution Building

AFARM has built capacities and nurtured 1038 Community Institutions in project villages. These Community Institutions are mainly engaged in collective procurement of agriculture inputs, marketing of produce, management of collective enterprises like Dal mill, Mother poultry unit, Custom hiring centers, Agri.-nurseries, accessing government resources & entitlements.

Community Cadre Development

AFARM has been always at the forefront in developing Community Cadre depending on the thematic focus of the projects. This year AFARM has developed the capacities of following 706Community Resource Persons (CRPs).

After capacity building, these cadres are providing various thematic services to 95,244 HHs from the project villages.

Training and Capacity Building

AFARM has built capacities of about 80,077persons through variety of training sessions & extension services under ongoing projects. The main target groups / stakeholders trained& their areas of capacity building are depicted below.

Watershed Development Interventions

The watershed development interventions are implemented in 42 drought prone Villages from 6 districts of Maharashtra benefiting 2508 small & marginal rainfed farmers in terms of increased drought resilience.

Sustainable Agriculture

AFARM is engaged in promotion of environment friendly Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA) to build resilience in agricultural productions system. The Package of Practices (POP) of sustainable agriculture are being promoted in 289 Villages. In all 25356 small & marginal farmers (18856 women farmers & 6231 male farmers) have been trained in practices of sustainable agriculture.This knowhow acquired by farmers resulted in adoption of PoPs of sustainable agriculture in their fields.

The adoption of PoPs by farmers resulted in average increase in crop production by 17% & Reduction in cost of production by 23.75%.

Skills Development and Livelihoods Enhancement of Rural Women

The role of rural women among the farming communities is very prominent /important in agriculture centric livelihoods activities. Hence, AFARM’s interventions are focused on Skills and Enterprise Development, Livelihoods Enhancements, Digital Financial inclusion of Rural Women leading towards their empowerment & thereby ensuring inclusive development. These interventions are implemented in 139 villages spread across 36 blocks in various districts of Maharashtra.The achievements are depicted below.